Our Team

Horizontality, Flexibility, and Dialogue

Our firm is organized horizontally, with no great hierarchy. All lawyers are partners, and their participation varies depending on their professional experience.

All work done by one lawyer is systematically reviewed by another, regardless of their experience or knowledge on the matter.

Everyone is encouraged to give suggestions on each other’s work; opinions and criticism are always welcome. We believe in the value of the perspective and opinion of those who are not directly involved with the matter.

We hold short daily internal meetings in the early morning and late afternoon, which facilitate communication and information for everyone, streamlines the workflow, and helps to organize the distribution of tasks.

When necessary, either because of the volume of work or the skills involved, we set up ad hoc teams to handle certain matters.

Excellence, Diversity, and Complementarity

We believe that lawyers have to be bigger than the firm.

As such, we encourage them to never stop studying. Many of our lawyers have master's degrees or PhDs from renowned universities, in Brazil or abroad; others have at least one post-graduate or specialization course.

We also encourage lawyers to write, publish, give lectures, teach courses, and be professors.

We are an international and multicultural team. Our lawyers were born and raised in Brazil and abroad; they have graduated and have experience in several countries. This gives us the open-mindedness necessary to put ourselves in our clients' shoes and bring adequate answers.

Working in Partnership with Our Clients

We are extremely concerned about the quality and efficiency of the services we provide.

Of course, we use our own templates for contracts, submissions, and other documents, which we have drafted in previous occasions. It would be a lack of common sense to want to reinvent the wheel every day. However, we believe that the best way to do something has not yet been invented. That is why we always analyze matters critically and try to be creative and judicious, to propose the best solution we can for your business.

We make every effort to respond quickly and are committed to deadlines. If we agree that the work will be delivered on a given date, it will be delivered on that date.

In litigation matters, we send the draft submissions to our client ahead of the filing, for their knowledge and comments. We keep clients informed as soon as there is progress.